Refund Help Tips

If you've tried to reach IRS to no avail like many other taxpayers, follow these steps below.


1. Call at 7am between Wednesday and Friday.

2. Ignore any prompts that directs you check on the status of your refund.

When prompted press # 1 for English #2 for Spanish

press #2 for questions about your personal income tax or tax reform laws

press #1 for questions about a form you've already filed or payments 

press #3 for questions about your tax history 

press #2 for questions about your tax history or other payments

your last prompt will say..... STAY on the line if you haven't heard your subject, please wait

then you'll be prompted to enter your social security number.  You'll need to enter the person who's name was listed first if you filed a joint return.  You should have the refund amount available for the attendant.