IRS Debt Settlement: Success Stories

IRS Offer in Compromise results in $29,789.00 in savings

Through the IRS Offer in Compromise process we helped our client by paying 17.81% on the dollar of a tax bill totaling $36,355.00. This client filed her tax returns as a self-employed person and failed to take advantage of allowable deductions which resulted in more taxes than she was actually responsible for. She had mounting medical bills as a result of a car accident and getting further behind. After looking over her case we determined she would be a good candidate for an Offer in Compromise.

Internal Revenue Service accepted her offer after several months of negotiations. Eleven months later, IRS accepted our Offer in Compromise of $6476.00 and agreed to settle. We set the client up on lump sum plan, paying $856.00 20% down and five payments of $685 until her account is paid in full. All Federal Tax Liens will be released once paid in full.

IRS Offer in Compromise results in $30,126.00 in savings.

IRS Offer in Compromise helped our client who came to us with a tax bill of $32,150.00. The gentleman hadn’t filed his 2014 return, nor his form 2290 Highway Use Tax form. Once we filed those forms and submitted his Offer in Compromise, IRS accepted our offer in 9 months. Nine months later the IRS accepted our Offer in Compromise of $2,024. He was in unbelief; he sent a picture of the letter with his phone. Previous to his offer being accepted IRS levied his military pension, his sole source of income. We immediately constructed a letter informing IRS that according to their regulations all collections activities were supposed to stop, they immediately reinstated his retirement benefits. We set the client up on a 24 month installment plan paying $84.33 per month until he pays in full.